"You don't take photographs, you make them"

- Ansel Adams

Briana Anders

 I am a Chicago based fine art photographer with a background in High Altitude Photography, Biology, and Fine Arts.  The art of making a great photograph starts with an idea and developing that idea. My work is series of ideas that focus on my presence in this world. As a Queer artist, I  take influence from the LGBTQ+ community and through constructing elaborate scenes allow people insight to how colorful it is. I challenge misconceptions and stereotypes associated with my identity along with others in the community. Representation is important in the Art world as well as, inclusivity, and diversity, and I strive to make work that anyone can relate to.


2017- 2021

BFA Northern Illinois University

2012- 2017

A.A  in Biology Rock Valley College




Annual Blick Ars Nova  Jack Olson Gallery 2020


Challenging the Stigma: Mental Health and Wellness in College, Dekalb

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