Forbidden Fruit

This work explores the relationships between color and sexual desire through elaborate scenes involving fruit, people and objects that are grouped together according to color theory. This series is an interpretation of the biblical garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Many speculate that the forbidden fruit is metaphor and euphuism for sex, which is a strong center for my work.  


I am creating chaos in big scenes that are then focused in on and photographed to highlight things that either have symbolism or refer/ depict sex in some way. Fruit is highlighted in specific portraits that is open for interpretation. Fruit itself is the reproductive part of plants and is often enjoyed by animals. The sweetness is what draws animals in, and I think sexual desire and color is just as enticing.  

Color is vibrant, eye-catching, and can be intense this is accounted for when the dark images interact with bright bold colors, and softer colors give the eyes a break when viewing. This series focuses on common color patterns, tones, and hues to give depth within each individual image. The ambiguity of the models is meant to be in conversation with censorships and identity. This work is meant to be a playful way to break down taboos surrounding sex and help normalize talking and discussing sex.